wer sind wir was ist neues marketing weltbild wie arbeiten wir pr/media training event management corporate design management

new marketing connects science, economy, art and multi-national culture.


because we've been looking for constructive, effective and profitable solutions to adress partners and target groups.
we found the solution in this new type of network.


because we don't leave the single disciplines side by side or opposing to each other but connect them to a new unity. we resolve contrasts, hostility and tension.

how do we achieve that?

we create new values.

our work doesn't have much to do with traditional management consulting anymore.

nemac. analyzes, conceives, organizes, presents, teaches and coaches. we are cooperating in world-wide networks of artists, scientists and business experts.

nemac. balances social, moral and analytical thinking and acting. that is why we are also working as trainers in companies.

nemac. is always one step ahead of the current trend and is therefore able to serve and, above all, convince target groups.